3rd PPDD (INTO-LB, INTO-C B) Live Surgery for surgeons from overseas

2017-03-06 16:17
1st PPDD Live Surgery: Aug. 29th 2016 (Germany, Spain)

2nd PPDD Live Surgery: Dec. 2nd 2016 (Dubai, Thailand)

3rd PPDD Live Surgery: Feb. 15th 2017 (South Africa)

As the leader in pain management solution for Cervical and Lumbar herniated disc disease, INTOCARE Co., Ltd. has pioneered the modern human disease with the technology called PPDD (Percutaneous Plasma Disc Decompression) in Korea which has very competitive spinal pain management market and get a good appraisal.

The patent technology is somewhat similar to the traditional Nucleoplasty, minimally invasive ablation surgery but it has excellent navigational function with low temperature ablation on top. So a doctor can exactly target the affected disc area thereby optimizing the decompression of the herniated disc and not damaging the surrounding tissue.

Into series (Into-CB/LB), the disposable catheter generating low temperature plasma energy has over  40% of market share in Korea with its proven technology. Now it is launched in overseas market by achieving CE cert.

INTOCARE Co., Ltd. drew surgeon and buyer’s attention at the Spineweek (May 16~20, 2016. in Singapore) and Eurospine (Oct. 5~7, 2016 in Berlin) which is one of the biggest spine congresses.


M.D Sunman Gwon (NS ) and M.D. Junsuk Park (NS) in the Jiwoo hospital pursuing patient-centered medical environment handed down a procedure technique and knowhow accumulating several years of doing PPDD with Into series to the surgeons as below who interested in Into Series.

[SAPIN] Mr. David Asensio Corchero, Director of Pain Management Division at Cardiva Group

[UAE] Dr. Mohammed Al Jumaily MD. NS

[Thailand] Dr. Tienchai Panuwannakorn, MD. OS

[South Africa] Dr. Avinash Kolloori MD. NS

PPDD release the back pain by ablating cervical/lumbar disc tissue, and decompress nerve root within 30 min.

Dr. Avinash Kolloori Dr. Tienchai Panuwannakorn, Dr. Mohammed Al Jumaily and Mr. David Asensio Corchero, who participated  in the live surgeries are satisfied with the live surgery and training and they are asking for the training at the local workshop. No complication is observed for those live surgeries.

(Pre MRI)                                  (Post MRI)

They say that "it is very interesting to know that such excellent technique is so easy to handle and each patient looked worrisome free!"

Photos at the Live Surgery of PPDD at Jiwoo Hospital, Korea

Two lumbar 2 cases (L4/L5 & L5/S1) at the live surgery in Aug. 2016 and 3 cases (lumbar: 2 case, cervical :1case) in Dec. are proceed

The surgeries were very well prepared and all the staff including M.D. Park and M.D. Gwon and their assistants and nurses was well disciplined. Jiwoo Hospital performs about 600cases  of PPDD with Into Series per year.

About INTOCARE Co., Ltd. (


Photos at the Live Surgery of PPDD at Jiwoo Hospital, Korea

INTOCARE Co., Ltd.  specializes in supplying disposable catheter for spine procedure. Into Series have now more than 40% of market share in highly competitive Korean market. The company has a plan to expand its success in global market including EU,  Middle East and Asia by achieving CE cert in 2016. INTOCARE Co., Ltd. gets a good reputation from spine specialist and buyers through activities at Eurospine 2016 & Spineweek 2016 and live surgeries and product training.
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